Apartment Acquisitions

Buying and Selling

At Summergate, we are like-minded with our investors/buyers and understand the importance of being transparent for success in the long-run. That is why we know avoiding brokers/realtors, while saving money, is very appealing to buyers/investors when either buying or selling unlisted apartments.

Want to Avoid Hassle, While Saving Money?

At Summergate, we source out off-market multifamily opportunities and wholesale them out as investments to buyers/investors. This means direct interaction with the buyer to release confidential information on the property after they sign a Confidentiality Agreement. We only charge a small finder’s fee after closing the deal.

Let’s Make It Happen!

At our corporate office, located in Lakeville, MN, we call off-market multifamily/apartment owners to see if they are interested in either buying or selling unlisted apartments. We generate opportunities all over the country to best fit the criteria that you are looking for and depending on the lead, it will go to either our acquisition or disposition team.

Once our team in our Arizona office obtains the financials, NOI, and Cap Rate for the property, we can find the right buyer. The acquisition team then generates a property report and summary containing the financials and details of the property and the disposition team stays engaged with the buyers informing them about new opportunities once the property report and financials have been completed. Throughout the process, our researchers and analysts are always staying on top of producing qualified opportunities for you.

Get Started Today

Summergate currently owns high quality multifamily properties in multiple locations throughout the United States. We continue to pursue additional opportunities to increase our holdings in great communities. To learn more about investment opportunities and joining the Summergate Investor Group contact us.