Why sell your land to Summergate?

Summergate Development is a land development company with over 30 years experience buying land, managing, and building projects throughout the Twin City area. By choosing to sell your property to Summergate, you’re assured of an experience that’s rewarding on every level. Not only will you realize the maximum possible profits on your land, you’ll also work with a caring and highly professional company.

We have the ability to structure the acquisition in a way that protects your financial needs, with options including 1031 tax exchanges and planned phasing. You can expect communication throughout the process and an attention to detail that pave the way for a smooth closing.

Summergate is interested in the following types of land:

  • Raw undeveloped land either residential or commercial
  • Zoned unfinished and/or finished lots, both residential and commercial

If you have any land that meets this criteria, please contact us!

952-898-3461 or