Apartment acquisitions

Summergate has developed 1000’s of residential lots and multiple Commercial buildings. This has paved the way to succeed in the Multi-Family market. We now own a significant number of Apartment and Commercial Properties. At Summergate, we work with a large group of investors in partnership to acquire Multi-Family Properties throughout the United States.

Apartment Acquisitions begin with our Investment Specialists studying all of the data to ensure the best locations and highest return for Summergate and our investors. We utilize the most comprehensive data available to verify that the apartment complex not only produces profitability today, but has the most growth opportunity in the years to come.

Large Scale

There are no limits to the size of apartments we acquire, whether it is 50 units or 300 units. Nothing will stop us and our investors from getting a deal.

Any Scale

We look at any opportunity we are given so that we can all gain something from our deals.

Direct Purchasing

We focus on communicating directly – no middle man. This gives us the flexibility to negotiate terms that fits the needs of all sides more quickly while saving the large costs associated with 3rd parties. This results in a hassle free smooth transaction that closes on time successfully for both sides of every deal. It also allows for us to maximize the profits for both parties, as there are no commissions deducted.